This week I have mainly been…. dealing with deck chair disasters

If it’s even remotely dry, my kids will be outside. I love them being outside for two reasons mainly. Firstly, I don’t have to listen to them (obviously) and secondly, I can calm down on the obsessive hoovering habit I seem to have developed lately. Why can’t kids ever just get everything into their mouths?

All was going so well. I was succeeding in getting my head showered and they were having fun. Routine checks were occurring every few minutes due to middle’s propensity to scale and climb fences. Suddenly baby awakes from his nap in living room, having a meltdown of epic proportions. Go and grab him. Upon returning to the kitchen I hear eldest screaming “mummy” and the lovely neighbour next door trying to soothe him through the fence with “deep breaths, your mummy will be here soon. It’s ok darling!” Eldest had only managed to get himself completely stuck in a deck chair. To the point it had collapsed around him and he couldn’t even move. Arrgggh, two minutes I was away! Five minutes later and I was still trying to retrieve my first born from the jaws of the chair, all whilst next door observed through gaps in their fence.

So, the next door neighbour now thinks I am the most irresponsible mother to ever walk the planet and I’m almost certain eldest will now have an irrational fear of deck chairs going forward.

If this is any indication of what summer will be like, I may get reacquainted with the hoover.

Eldest on left and deck chair that ate my son in background