An introduction to my brood, including the only other female in our house

It always astounds me how totally different all of my boys are. I don’t know why! I guess because they are all boys I expected them to even be somewhat similar. How wrong I was! Here’s a little bit about them all. Maybe you will all understand now why I just try not to lose my shit each day:

 Aden – Four nearly five 

Leader of the pack- majorly switched on, can buy you and sell you. Has an answer for absolutely anything. Prone to insane outbursts if he doesn’t get his own way or if you dare put any kind of clothing on him incorrectly. Mega smart which leads to him becoming bored easily. Extremely loving and a complete mummy’s boy. This is highlighted by the fact he still comes into my bed at 3am for ‘huggles’ and Hubby has to begrudgingly go into his bunk bed. No sign of this ever stopping, running joke in our house is that he will be twenty and still doing this. Survives purely on gallons of milk and chicken fingers. This is not even an exaggeration.

 Owen- Two going on eighty

My pint sized dictator and second in command. Absolute mad man who knows no fear. Risk taker by nature, he will literally climb and jump off anything, no matter what it is or what height. Fiercely independent, can take or leave you depending on his mood. Didn’t say ‘mummy’ for so long but quite happily said Luigi and Pikachu. I am not overly sure if this kid even likes me half the time. If I am gone and come back, he will be so excited to see me. Then take my phone, go watch You Tube and ignore me. Loves his food- will eat his dinner then proceed to help himself to everyone else’s. To the level that when we were debating Ethan’s name as a family, and put all our preferred names in a hat, he then ate the name upon picking it out. Values his sleep, including two hour naps after lunch and still sleeps through. This is kind of amazing in fairness and would automatically qualify him as favourite, if he hugged and kissed me more.

 Ethan- Four months 

Baby of the gang. Not really sure what his personality will be like but I can tell you he is the happiest little baby ever. Smiles for everyone. Loves my singing which automatically makes him my favourite (ssshh, dont tell the others). Prone to extreme explosions and projectile barfing. Approach with caution at all times. Loves his bottles and beginning to sleep really well- long may this continue so I can stop resembling the walking dead.

 Molly- Twelve 

The only other female in my house. Probably the most testing out of all the living things I have responsibility for. Humps everything that moves (despite being done), barks at anyone who breathes and walks you instead of the other way round. Lately appears to have developed a huge flatulence problem. Fits right in with the rest of my farting brood in her defence. **Was once in possession of the doggy equivalent of an ASBO due to her barking**.