This week I have mainly……. been trying to infect my children with Chicken Pox!

Somehow my beautiful little six month old niece has managed to contract the ‘pox’. We are not quite sure how this happened, but happened it has! Whilst others might view this as an impending doom type situation, I have decided to embrace it whole heartedly.

The second it was confirmed as pox, all my kids were loaded into the car and brought to my sisters: “hug Izzy boys, get super close”! Two of them have yet to be custodials of said virus, so, this couldn’t be more perfect. I will tell you my reasoning:

Currently, I am off on maternity leave. It may seem highly irresponsible, but I need these kids to get them asap so I can be at home, nurture them and apply calamine lotion. I did it for them! Pretty soon I won’t be able to take weeks off to attend to them. That’s technically frowned upon when you are a robot. Your child has chicken pox? Can’t go to nursery? That’s your problem, not ours!

Really thought I may be a genius in my forward thinking but one of my sister’s friends had the same idea. Our gorgeous girlie has never been more loved or sought after!

Status presently: no pox. Hugging session arranged for tomorrow to ensure maximum exposure. Go get you some pox sons! ** may live to regret this decision **