Netflix picks of the month for parents and kids- April

 Who doesn’t love a bit of Netflix and chill? For us, this only happens when the kids are finally in bed and it’s usually interrupted multiple times. But this is what we have managed to watch this month:

The Defiant Ones’s 

This is a four part documentary series exploring the relationship between Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine. I wasn’t sure this would be for me despite loving hip hop music, but it was so good and really interesting. It not only follows the making of their business relationship but how they got to where they are today. Eminem makes an appearance as do many other big stars. Totally worth a watch even just to salivate over Dr Dre’s beach side home! 4/5

6 Balloons 

This is a dark comedy drama, dealing with the issue of heroin addiction and how it affects the family unit. It won’t be for everyone due to the subject matter but it is really gripping. Starring Abbi Jacobson (Broad City) and Dave Franco (21 Jump Street) the cast is stellar and the acting is good. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it is one to watch if you don’t mind doing some sobbing on a Saturday night! 3/5

Girls Incarcerated- Young and Locked Up

The hubby didn’t watch this- wasn’t his thing. But I managed to binge watch this one successful night the kids stayed down! It is a eight episode documentary following inmates of Madison Juvenile Correction Facility in Indiana, America. The inmates are as you would expect them to be- tough, feisty and broken. The staff work very hard to show them the errors of their ways whilst they are under their care and the crew then follow up with the girls upon their release to ascertain if they have stayed on the straight and narrow. I could not stop watching this! Mainly because you become so involved in each girls story that you have to keep watching to see what happens to them. It can be sad in places but ultimately causes you to be reflective about your own life and your children’s future.  4/5

Kid’s picks 

My eldest boy (4, nearly 5) has sat with me and compiled his favourite discoveries on Netflix this month. Here goes- over to Aden:

Super Monsters 

This is a super cool TV show that boys and girls will both like. It is about normal humans that turn into monsters and other things when it gets dark. The characters are really good and it is really funny. It learns (grammar son) you to help out each other when sad things happen and teaches you to be a good friend. Very colourful and lots and lots of episodes which is sweet to the beat (must talk to hubby about this saying).5/5

Horrid Henry- The Movie (2011)

I love the Horrid Henry TV series sooooooo much (mummy doesn’t share the same enthusiasm)!  I love it because Henry is very very naughty but also very very funny. His brother, Peter, is so perfect and good. I am soooo glad my brother isn’t like that and is naughty like me. This is the movie version and I thought it was super great to see Henry as a real life person instead of a cartoon person. It was funny and Henry did lots of singing and dancing in it. The people who do the acting looked really like the cartoon people too which I liked. Henry is naughty to Moody Margaret lots in it and Lazy Linda is still very lazy and does nothing but sleep. Other boys who like the cartoon will like this infinity Mummy. 5/5 (There’s a theme occurring here, isn’t there).

Yo-Kai Watch

This is kinda amazing Mummy because it is like Pokemon but actually, it isn’t even Pokemon (wow). The guy Nate has a special watch that makes him see creatures and the naughty things they are doing. The creatures are all super weird but have cool names. Nate has to try and catch the bad guys so that they stop causing trouble to humans. There are millions of episodes and this means you can watch it forever, maybe until you even die. I like how Santa brought me my own Yo-Kai watch as now I can pretend I am Nate. The Pound shop has also started selling the medals for it and if I am good, can I get one as a treat? 5/5

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